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Who is Josie Randall, why did she start this site?
Who is Josie Randall?
Josie Randall is the creator of Full House Midwest.

Josie was born in L.A. on April 4th 1981. She's lived in two states four houses,and gone to seven schools. She lived in Iowa for fourteen years and now lives in Kansas where she's lived for five years.

Why was this site started?
In fourth grade Josie's friend Erin introduced her to the sitcome Full House but it wasn't until two years later that she would become a hughe fan of the show.

Two years ago Josie got the internet at home and thought I wonder if theer are any Full House web sites. She found a few and thought I wonder if I could make a Full House web page to. So she created Full House Midwest.

Why is this site called Full House Midwest? Well the answer is simple I live in the Midwest and this sight is designed to be a place where Full House fan who live in the midwest can come and find stuff about the show.

John Smith
123 Any Street
Somewhereville, USA