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Epsode Guide

Below is a season by season epsode by guid.

Each epsode is grouped under the season in which it showed. I'm sorry that I don't have the scripts for each epsode but I think you will be able to find them by going to one of the sites on my links page.

Season 1 (1987-1988)
Epsodes 001-022

1. John Stamose(Jesse Cochran)

2. Bob Saget(Daanny Tanner)

3. Dave Coulier(Joey Gladstone)

4. Candace Cameron(DJ Tanner)

5. Jodie Sweetin(Stephanie Tanner)

6. Mary-Kate & Ashley-Fuller Olsen(Michelle Tanner)
Epsode 1

Our Very First Show(Pilot)

Danny's mother leaves the Tanner household after three months in which she has hepled danny after his wife Pam died. The same day Joey, a stand-up comedian and friend of danny's, and Jesse, Danny's brother-in-law move in. Jesse moves into Stephanie's room, who now has to shar a room with DJ But DJ desnt like this idea so she moves into the garage.
Guest Cast:
1. Alice Hirson(Grandma)
2. Christie Claridge(Vanassa)

002 Our Very First Night
First evening. All three adults want to leave the house. But one has to stay and watch the kids. After much pleading Jesse is the one that get left with the girls. But nevertheless he finds a way to be with his band. He invites his band over to play in the living room. Of course D.J. and Stephanie don't want to miss something like that. When danny comes home latehe isn't delighted about what he sees.

Guest Cast:
1. Jody Aronson(Raven)
2. David Wakefield(pizza man)

003 The First Day of School
School Starts again and Stephanie is now in kindergarten. but she ffears not having any friends. D.J. is transfered to an advanced learning class, and is sad she won't be in class with Kimmy any more.

Guest cast
1. Jackie Joseph(Mrs. Payton)
2. Andrea Barber(Kimmy Gibbler)
3. Michell Collins(Abby)
4. Candy Hutson(Becky)

004 The Return of Grandma
Joey has forgotten to tell Danny that his mom is comming for a visit. Because enough time is left, they don't hurry to clean up the house. But Joey told Danny the wrong time so his mother shows up early and notices the mess. Immediately, she mobilizes the mothers of Jesse, and Joey. Now Danny and the rest of the guies must show the women that they can take care of the house on their own.

Guest Cast
1. Beverly Sanders(Mindy)
2. Rhoda Gemignani(Irene)
3. Alice Hirson(Clair)
4. Mary Pat Gleason(Mrs. Sianski)

005 Sea Cruse
The kids are with thir grandmother. Therefore the guys want to take a day off and go fishing. Jesse get's a call from his old flame(and now rock star) Roxanne and tells her where their going. She shows up with two friends and runes all the fun for Joey and Danny.

Guest Cast

1. Michelle Nicastro(Roxanne)
2. Dorothy Parke(Caroline)
3. Nancy Mulford(Yvonne)
4. Michele Layburn(Vega)

006 Daddy's Home
When Machelle calls Jesse, and Joey "Dada" Danny knows he is spend too little with his daughters and introduces a Father-Dughter-Day. Joey has found a new idol. Guess who? Yeah Jesse.

Guset Cast
1. Fabiana Udenio(Adrianna)

007 Knock yourself Out
Danny covers a countrywide aired major boxing match. Jst befor the bout Danny tell one of the boxer that his wife has left him. promptly the boxer is knocked out in the second round. At home Michelle has cought a cold and Joey and Jesse have to take care of her.

Guest Cast
1. Ernie Hudson(Reggie "The Sandman Martin")
2. Eddie Barth(Lou)
3. Brian Hale(Reporter)

008Jesse's Girl
Jesse gives guitar lessons and has follen in love with one of his students. But when Joey shows that same person some of his impressions they become attracted to eachother.

Guest Cast
1. Liz Keifer(Corinna)

009The Miracle of Thanksgiving
The Tanners celebrate thir first Thanksgiving sence the death of Pam. Danny wants to go to a restaurant but the kids persuade him to stay and together they cook(or rather try to cook)the dinner.

Guest Cast
1. Lisa Savage(Paula)
2. Barbara Kielian(Alexandra)

0010Joey's Place
Joey goes on tour a comidy collage tour which keeps him away for two weeks. When he arrives back home a big suprise ia awaithing him: a room of his own.

Guest Cast
1. Joan Leizman(Joanie)
2. Barbara Cameron(Barbara)
3. Janice Sweetin(Janice)
4. Benji Schwimmer(Benji)
5. Ryan Christopher(Ryan
6. Dustin Autumn(Dustin)
7. Robert Lucas(Robbie)

0011The big three-0
Danny has his 30th birthday. as a present Jesse buys seat covers danny's car bolet. But a twist of fate lands Bolet at the bottem of the bay.

Guest Cast
1. Michael McMManus(Paul)
2. Dorothy Parke(Caroline)

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